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Every year I get so excited to finally have an enjoyable birthday yet every year fewer and fewer of my friends are present. I buy myself the one outfit I’ll actually buy that year. I’ll dress all shnazzy and have a mediocre night I won’t remember and be disappointed by the fact that I haven’t received a real gift in years. Gift cards I won’t use and cash without thought are all Thats ever shared. Its sad really- that the last 5 years I’ve had consecutively worsening birthdays, culminating to now, not having another birthday left to be excited about. I’ll be spending my 21st birthday drinking a 40 and eating pizza by myself in my room apparently. Tomorrow I will drive and I will drive and I will not stop until the locals don’t speak my language. Then maybe I can be the stranger becoming a friend rather than the friend who became a stranger.

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This is never where I thought I’d be-
And I’m not fan of recent choices,
But I’d never wanna be anywhere
In case my mind collapses
And my soul drops down
In neatly, individually pressed
Selves of their own
If the puddle of disintegrated
Remnants of a body long forgotten
I’ve dealt
And I’ve been so had by chance
But I kept on pressing
Knowing good and well
I’d never have another go at this
So hell
Why not live like you ought not
Its just that
When all you’ve got
Is caring as little as your body allows
I’ve got no cure, nor does any man
For the aches and pains along the way
And a word to the wise
Listen equally to the mad and sane
They’ve delved
Further than a fleeting soul
What of control and how can it be used
Why is loosing everything you have
Even by force- a choice to comply
Twelve sides
Of a die and a master plan
Don’t know what I need
To live a life observers hold with pride
I know why
Velvet bells
Don’t ring so well
And why smoking gold
Means its only melting
Like the souls that drive it
Have been lowered
And crawling is never fun
So I look to these silly words
For comfort that I’ll look back
& Yell
For those I love
To share a laugh
With what I know is a moment to be had
But I have to accept its already past
I fell
So many times my knees are more than
Weak, they’re barely there
My hands are calloused to the bone
But my body shivers silently numb
What I sell
And what is truth
Is just the same as any other person
Natural or corporate
Can bending morales ever benefit?
Continental shelves
Shift below our feet- mocking
Our casual mistakes and daily life
Good and bad aren’t black and white
But they’re also never one shade
So what is well
Is not always whats good
What makes sense may not be right
And what’s right may not make sense
Tell yourself
You’re alive and that’s pretty tight
So might as well do what’s right
By whatever it is you think
Infinitely cultivates your soul.



Relief from the Temple of Nabu in Khorsabad (Dur-Sharrukin), the capital of the Assyrian Empire. The remnants of the vivid colors painted on these walls can still be seen on this section. The Oriental Institute Museum at the University of Chicago, Chicago, IL.  

Photo by Babylon Chronicle

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More like “NOOOOOOOOPE BURGER” am I right?


NariNari reports that Burger King Japan is rolling out another “Kuro Burger” (“Black Burger”), with buns made from bamboo charcoal, an onion and garlic sauce made with squid ink, beef patties made with black pepper, and black cheese, which is also apparently made with bamboo charcoal.

This is SpongeBob come to life. They’re just rolling out the shitty colors first so we’ll shit bricks when we see a rainbow assortment of burger colors.

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The look of defeat
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